JSC Finans-Invest is a stable investment company, which employs a friendly well-coordinated team of like-minded, goal-oriented personnel. The aim of our company is to attract talented and ambitious employees. The mission of our HR policy is directed not only at attracting qualified employees, but also continuously developing their professional skills. The successful growth of JSC Finans-Invest is not possible without developing the potential of our staff, so we provide all of the conditions necessary for the professional development of our employees, to unlock their creativity. For this purpose, the Company has developed a system that includes a variety of courses, training programs and thematic seminars. A significant proportion of total personnel costs are directed towards training, both professionally and personally. Top managers of the Company actively participate in seminars and training sessions dedicated to strategy development, team building, goal setting and employee evaluation. A system of material incentives for staff has been developed, based on the principle of evaluating the performance of each employee and their contribution to the overall success of the Company.