Driven by its intrinsic ambition and intensity, FINANS-INVEST expanded its activities to encompass Fixed Income. In less than two years, the Company has established itself as a notable participant on the bond markets of Russia and the CIS, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the US.


The second financial crisis became a new driver for the Company, which not only maintained its business, but also expanded it through investments in new directions. JSC FINANS-INVEST is now actively developing trust management, Internet trading, consultancy broker services, and international investment funds.During this period, in cooperation with European Investment bank Meridien Group it filled and sold the international fund, Blixgate Russian Growth Strategy Fund, to Western investor.

One more landmark project during this period was the sale of discount Internet trader F1Broker to Western players entering the Russian market.


The company was actively engaged in regional expansion, having opened offices in more than fifty of the most economically significant regions of Russia.

The flawless activity of the company during that decade was characterized by being awarded professional securities market licenses to conduct broker activity (2003), dealer activity (2003), trust management of securities (2003); a termless license for exchange intermediary (2008) and a termless license for conducting depository activity (2009).


The company successfully overcame the "first" Russian crisis, having fulfilled all obligations to its clients and partners. Successful risk management enabled the Company to not only maintain capital, but also to utilize the crisis as a serious development driver.


The company established partnerships with leading Russian and international investment banks, engaging in the consolidation of large equity stakes in Russian issuers.


A young and ambitious team of professional financiers joined forces to create JSC FINANS-INVEST. The company received the pool of licenses require to conduction professional activities on the stock market.