29.07.2014 Darya Vasilyeva, the Head of fixed income sales and trading at CJSC Finans-Invest, participated as a speaker at a business breakfast with Bank Saint Petersburg and SPIBA.

Bank Saint Petersburg held a business breakfast "Russian economy. Economic and political prospects for 2014”, which it organized together with SPIBA – St. Petersburg International Business Association, with the participation of experts from ratings agency RusRating and leading global information agency Thomson Reuters. More than 70 representatives of large companies together with members of SPIBA discussed the political situation in Ukraine, while experts offered their forecasts for the Russian economy and projections for the exchange rate of the Russian ruble.

07.07.2014 The new version of fees for brokerage services

Changes regarding brokerage fees in СJSC Finans-Invest’s securities brokerage services agreement came into effect on 9 June, 2014. Changes have been made to the amount of compensation received by the broker for executing client orders on the RTS Classic market and to consulting fees. We recommend reading through the changes to our brokerage fees in the new version of the Regulations for Securities Brokerage Services of СJSC Finans-Invest on our site www.finvest.ru, under the “Brokerage Services” section.